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Charismatic Cat Magnets - Display
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Charismatic Cat Magnets - Display Charismatic Cat Magnets - fishbowl
Charismatic Cat Magnets - food bowl Charismatic Cat Magnets - Halloween
Charismatic Cat Magnets - shoe Charismatic Cat Magnets - sled
Charismatic Cat Magnets - cake
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Charismatic Cat Magnets

Receive your first Charismatic Cat Magnet for only $4.95 (we'll ship it to you FREE)!  This is quite a value versus the regular price of $11.95.

This is just the first in a colorful collection of extraordinary sculpted, hand-painted magnets that capture the personality of fabulous felines.  This unique collection features Charismatic Cat Magnets for every personality and splendid occasion throughout the year -- Birthday Cat, hide-and-seek Kitties, a curious cat with her eye on a fishbowl and many others. 

What's more, a delightful metal collector's display to store and display your Charismatic Cats Magnets will be included with your collection --
FREE of charge!

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own a Charismatic Cat Magnet for only $4.95 and shipped to you FREE!  There's no risk -- your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You’ll receive additional Charismatic Cat Magnets on approval at the rate of 2 per month at the regular price of $11.95 (plus $1.95 shipping and service) each. You will enjoy our no-risk satisfaction guarantee. There is no obligation and no minimum purchase so you may cancel your collection at any time. Return any magnet you don't love for replacement or refund.

Each magnet measures approximately 3" to 4" in height.

Display measures approximately 21" x 14 3/8" x 1/4".

Item Number: 9957-0012
Limit - One per Household

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