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Pillsbury Doughboy Flag Collection
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Pillsbury Doughboy™ Flag Collection -
Your 1st One is FREE

Receive your first Pillsbury Doughboy™ Flag for FREE -- a savings of $24.95!  You pay only $3.95 shipping and service. 

This is just a first in a colorful collection of Pillsbury Doughboy™ Flags, featuring a the little chef in a different delicious scene for each month of the year.  You can look forward to Halloween as the Doughboy decorates some spooky cookies, a sweet February as he crafts tasty cupcakes, a festive holiday season complete with the Doughboy's special Christmas tree, and of course a red, white and blue 4th of July, plus many more! 

Each of these 12 vibrantly colored flats are crafted of machine-washable, waterproof material that will remain fade-resistant season after season of outdoor or indoor use.

What's more, you'll receive a sturdy metal pole and durable hanging hardware to display your flags -- FREE of charge!

Don't miss this special opportunity to own a Pillsbury Doughboy™ Flag for FREE --a savings of $24.95. You may never get this opportunity again! There's no risk -- your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Each flag measures 28" x 40".
Item Number: 1961-0013
$0 (plus $3.95 s&s)  
Limit - One per Household

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