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Dachshund Charm Bracelets

12 charm bracelets, one for every month of the year!

From January to December, there's a beautiful Doxie bracelet in store just for you!  You'll have a "spooktacular" time wearing the October bracelet, featuring exquisitely crafted pumpkins and ghosts.  The February bracelet will warm your heart with its bright red hearts and bursts of Dachshund love.  From Saint Patrick's Day to Christmas, and many more, there's a perfect charm bracelet for every month to complement any outfit throughout the year.

Each bracelet features approximately 15 Doxie- and monthly-themed charms in brilliant colors.  What's more, you'll receive a custom-designed jewelry case to show off the collection and keep it safe from dust and damage.  The case is yours absolutely FREE!

A complete bracelet for less than you'd pay for a single charm!

Each irresistible bracelet is just $29.95 (plus $3.95 shipping and service) each -- less than what others charge for a single charm.  Each month you'll receive and pay for a new elegant monthly-themed Dachshund bracelet, fully assembled with charms. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. You'll always have 90 days to return any bracelet and you're free to cancel at any time, for any reason at all.

Each bracelet measures 8" in length.

$29.95 +$3.95 Shipping & Service
1 Payment of $33.90
(per bracelet)

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Product Information

  • 2014-0018