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Sacagawea Golden Dollars
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Sacagawea Golden Dollars -
Your 1st One is FREE

Receive a FREE never-circulated Sacagawea Golden Dollar!  Your Sacagawea Golden Dollar is  $9.95 value.  You pay only $1.95 shipping and service. 

This is the first coin in a complete collection featuring a Sacagawea Golden Dollar from both issuing mints for every year since the coin was first issued in 2000.  Each Sacagawea Golden Dollar comes sealed in transparent encasing for viewing and preservation and is mounted on a Collector Card featuring a historic photograph from the archives of the Library of Congress that pays tribute to a different tribe from this country's rich Native American heritage.  In addition, once you receive your first first never-circulated Sacagawea Golden Dollar for FREE, you will become eligible to receive a FREE Collector's Album.

Your first Sacagawea Golden Dollar is FREE!  You pay only $1.95 shipping and service  - an offer you may never see again!

Item Number: 2680-0011
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Limit - One per Household

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